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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

My Hello to 2020


Hi loves!!! It's been so long since my last update. I won't say sorry, just because starting this year I'm no longer apologizing for taking me time. I'm still learning and coping with life changes just as the next person.but  I wanted to take time in this post to just be candid and share some thoughts for 2020.

So it's a new year and I'm literally starting it fresh with a new attitude. An attitude with gratitude. I've noticed in the last year that I was expecting a lot, but without giving it my undivided 100%ness. Yes, I just made that a word lol. But seriously, I was making new efforts and putting things in motion, but I never trusted myself fully or allowed myself to stay consistent long enough to grow how I needed. Have you been there before?

Well, it's okay and apart of the journey to finding our self.

The year 2019 taught me independence. I was challenged with fending for myself more than I ever had and with the grace of God, I managed smoothly.  That's not to say the road wasn't bumpy, but it hits different when you have God's help.

For 2020, the goal is to be deliberate. This means to not only being intentional but also conscious. In 2019, I was very intentional, but I wasn't as conscious as I should've been to noticing my habits and efforts. I want to be real with myself. Real with my progress, and real with what I want.

I welcome all good energy.
I welcome positive connections.
I welcome new opportunities.
I welcome stability & balance.
& I welcome L O V E.

Say these things with me this year as we charge and energize our vibrations for 2020.
Write your goals down,  small & large. Take that walk. Start that business you've been waiting on. The time is now. Meditate on what you want and if it's for you and your efforts match, you'll get just what you deserve.

Trust Y O U R timing and just "do it" sis!

You know it's a good year if Chic Fil A is in the mix.



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