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Sunday, October 13, 2019

4 Ways to Feel Beautiful: Inside & Out

Hey loves, lets talk wellness...

Getting dressed up for a night and feeling beautiful is one thing, but it is another thing to feel beautiful on the inside and out, all day everyday. A lot of people feel beautiful when they cover their face with makeup and put on a fancy dress in the evening dim lighting, but I want you to feel beautiful when you roll out of bed in the morning, before doing anything to your hair or face. This is just one aspect of being truly happy with yourself, in my opinion, and it’s very important. That’s why today, I want to give you 4 ways to feel beautiful on the inside and out. Here are a few tips:

Dress To Impress

Dress to impress, always. Each morning when you wake up, get ready for the day by focusing on your routine. Take a shower, brush your teeth, take the time to actually do your hair and maybe a tiny bit of makeup (if you wear it), and get dressed. When you choose your outfit for the day, consider what your plans are. Do you have a business meeting? Are you just hanging out with friends? Even if you work from home, getting ready for the day is most definitely a huge factor when it comes to your mood and how you feel about yourself, in general, so take the time to curate a morning routine that works for yourself. 

The reason that I say dress to impress is because I always like to dress just a tad bit more fancier that I really need to. This allows me to feel like I am important, which in turn, gives me more confidence. Of course, you might be different. Maybe dressing in yoga pants is your way of dressing to impress vs. your friends which might be a full business suit. Dressing to impress is not about dressing to impress others - it’s about dressing to impress YOURSELF and that will look different for each individual. 

Eat Clean

Say bye to the stomach aches, overall sluggish feeling, and the acne or greasy skin. Eating clean makes you feel better and it makes you look better. I’m not sure about you, but when I eat clean (and also, when I work out), I feel so much better. I feel like my skin is glowing, I do not have to worry about stomach aches or feeling uncomfortably stuffed, and I just feel better, in general. I highly recommend trying to change your diet if you do not feel 100% comfortable with yourself - you would be surprised at how much it can help you when it comes to feeling good on the inside and outside, as well.

Focus on What Makes You Feel Good

This seems very obvious, but so many people get consumed in the things that they ‘have’ to do, that they do not have time for the things that they want to do, or the things that make them feel good. For example, say that you have a really stressful job. It consumes a good amount of your day and then once you finally get home, you receive an email from a client asking you to go above and beyond. Do you want to go above and beyond? Sure. I get it. But, you need to create boundaries for yourself so that you are not constantly focused on the things that do not add light into your day. You have to focus on things that make you feel good, as well. Even if this is just a bubble bath, getting together with friends, or working out, make sure it happens. 

Have a Strong Mental State

Last but not least, a way to feel beautiful on the inside, which will result in you feeling beautiful on the outside, as well, is to make sure that you have a strong mental state. Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with this nowadays, but the good news is that you can always work on and improve your mental state. Yes, it will take hard work and time, but it is of the utmost importance. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, being comfortable in your own skin, or if you have any other concerns, I highly recommend finding a counselor that you can talk things out with. Search by therapist + your city to find someone. For example, Therapist Lawrenceville GA would be a great search if you lived in Lawrenceville. In Metro-Atlanta (and all over Georgia), there is a company called Ray of Hope Counseling Services that might be able to help you. They have eight locations across the Georgia area and also offer online counseling services, for those who do not have time to actually go in to an office. Ray of Hope Counseling Services believes that your counseling should be as diverse as your life and is committed to helping you feel better, no matter what you may need. Check them out if you are searching for a counselor!

Message me if you ever want to talk about anything, I'm here for all the support!


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