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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Travel Guide: Hilton Head Island


Road tripping and having fun with the fam is probably one of my most favorite things to do. I've always grown up close to my family and I love whenever we get together. Each year we visit Hilton Head Island as a family in July and really focus on enjoying each other's company and beach.

Typically, on this trip I would stay close to the resort because everything I need is literally there, but I wanted to do some exploring and highlight all of things I've maybe missed out on through earlier years. Just so you know, Hilton Head Island is the complete opposite of Myrtle Beach, if you've visited there before. HHI has a way more relaxed atmosphere.

Think subtle, lowkey, & non-touristy kind of enjoyment.

Where to Stay?

So like I mentioned, the island is very small and caters to more of resort style accommodations. There are a few hotels, but none on the actual island. Places to stay on the island consist mostly of condos/townhouses that are wrapped into timeshares or beach houses that are available as rentals. 
I do like this set-up, because it aids in the minimalist and subtle vibes of the island. A lot of hotels typically draws in a lot of traffic, which for this island's vibe, isn't the most ideal.

Tiki Bar at ShipYard
Our family stays every year at Ship Yard Plantation. I've been coming here for the past 4 years and it's been my favorite place to stay thus far! This resort has everything you can need. Beach access, bike trails (bikes included), a restaurant, bars, golf, tennis, & so much more. 
The resort offers villa style suites that vary in layout and size. Our villa was a 2 story unit in Spinaker, that was a 2 bedroom and offers a full kitchen, nice size living room, and a deck for outside enjoyment. 
I would highly recommend this resort as they are always accommodating and was perfectly located when wanting to explore outside the resort. 

Places to Eat?

Lord knows I come on this trip to relax, beach, & EAT. Typically each night we would cook and have a little dinner party with everyone in their different condos for dinner each night. While this is great, going out to taste some of the local's favorites is always fun to do.
Below I'm going to list a few different places you may want to check out depending on the time of day you're looking for a bite. 

Breakfast Vibes

1.  Watusi Cafe & Coffee Bar
2. Hilton Head Social Bakery 
3. GT International Cafe

Lunch Vibes

1. New York City Pizza
2. Frosty Frogs Cafe 
3. Kenny B's French Quarter Cafe (New Orleans inspired dishes)
4. Java Burrito Company (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Frosty Frog Cafe

Dinner Vibes

1. Ruby Lee's 
2. Jane Bistro & Bar 
3. Low Country Backyard

Entertainment/ Things to Do? 

Relax. relax. relax. This is probably the top priority on everyone's list when you plan a visit here. 
Luckily when you are ready to leave the resort you do have a few options in having a little fun around the island. 

1. Be a Beach Bum.  Of course the first thing to do when you hit the island is to check out the beach! The island has many beaches but there are two that are the most popular. Rated one of the top beaches in the US, Coligny Beach is the most popular beach on the island. If you're looking to be less in the crowd, try drifting over to the sandy retreat, with boardwalk access, at Driessen Beach Park which is located in North Hilton Head. 

2. Shopping. Who doesn't love a good shopping moment. Hilton Head caters to range of styles and experiences from your luxe boutiques to your top sales at the outlets.  My favorite was a new boutique called Haskin & Co. located at Coligny Beach Plaza. I loved the aesthetics of the store and their items were so chic!! For your outlet adventures, you'll have fun filtering through The Tanger Outlets. A few of my fave stores there are: Nike, American Eagle, Saks, H&M, & LOFT. 

3. Dinner Cruise. If you're looking for some sunset fun out on the water, try checking out the dinner cruise that they offer at Vagabond Cruise. I wasn't able to do the cruise this go round do to the weather, but I've been on one before and they are a great way to have a romantic moment or just some family fun. Get dressy to impress or laid back to relax, either way there's no wrong!

4. Jazz Anyone. If you're into eating good food while listening to the calming sounds of jazz music then I have two spots you don't want to miss. Ruby Lee's is a soul food eatery that offers a live band for your enjoyment while dining in! I love the aesthetics of the venue as it puts you in the mindset of Harlem at an elevated juke joint. The food was honestly just OK, but the experience was definitely cool. Another jazz spot, is the Jazz Corner. This is another swanky eatery you can escape to and enjoy with bae or the family. I've not visited this spot yet, but I've heard good reviews so it'll be next on the list.  

5. Attractions. If you still like to get out and do the typical "vacation" things like miniature golf, go-karts, etc., then you are in the right place still as HHI has all of this to offer too. I've done the helicopter tour here and it's a lot of fun! You can go through Fly, h.h.i. to take part in the ride. Don't forget your water sports as you can ski, rent jet-skis & much more. 


Well, this pretty much sums up Hilton Head Island in a nutshell. It's the perfect destination for lowkey relaxing and fun in the sun. As a tip, try planning your accommodations well ahead of time. Like I mentioned the island is mostly resort and time share based so be sure to get the best bang for your buck and for what vibe you're going for. Let me know if you have any other questions and if you're planning a trip to HHI! I'd love to see your pictures so tag me on IG! 


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  1. Lex! Thanks for sharing this post! You have all information cover in every aspect. I definitely keep this post in mind for my next getaway options!

    Anita xo,


    1. Anita!
      Thanks girl for taking the time to read and comment on my post! I'm glad you'll keep Hilton Head in mind for your next getaway!

      xo Lex


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