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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Sunday Funday: Girls Trip in Atlanta


Who doesn't love a good Sunday Funday with the girls?! (Everyone love Sunday Funday!!!) 
We'll me and a few of my close friends took a day trip up to Atlanta to celebrate our friend's 25th birthday and let's just say, it was nothing short of FUN!

I was in charge of planning the day and wanted to make sure it gave us good vibes, fun memories, and tons of laughs. Atlanta has so much to offer and depending on the theme for the day, you'd have plenty of options to choose and I'm here to help weed those through for you.

Let's get into this quick 24 hr girls trip to Atlanta that we had... 

First up: BRUNCH at Babalu Tapas & Tacos

So Liv (Olivia) was the birthday girl and she already lives in Atlanta. She loves brunch and her fave place so happened to be Babalu Tapas and Tacos. Babalu is an upscale and Latin-inspired flavors kind of restaurant. They were born out of the love and respect for food and offers a great atmosphere for group gatherings. We opted to sit outside where they had lounge booths that offered the perfect setting for enjoying each others company and sharing food.

Now, because I know we don't brunch just for the food, so yes, they do have endless mimosas! Cool thing too, they allow you to customize the drinks and prepare them right in front of you. (Talk about bombbb)

A few other great dope Brunch options in Atlanta:

BQE Restaurant & Lounge- My absolute personal fave; great vibes, food & music.
Negril Villiage- Such a good spot for Caribbean inspired dishes.
R. Thomas Deluxe Grill- This option is perfect for 10 am and 3 am as they're always open 24/7

Next Up: CandyTopia

Ok, so I wanted to keep the day going with light and airy vibes so we went to the pop-up Candytopia in Atlanta. Talk about feeling like a kid again! This place was so much fun and filled with so many fun moments and candy! I do recommend purchasing tickets prior to the day of, as certain time slots to sale out. It took about an hour to get through the entire warehouse and was self-guided.

 Honestly, the thing to do here is to take pictures. It's claimed to be one of THE Instagramable spots for those who like to take photos and bloggers alike. You will definitely leave with confetti in your shoes/clothes, lol but also with huge smile from all the childish fun you just had.

Get your tickets here if you plan to go soon! 
I'm itching to get to the Rose Mansion next in New York. Fingers crossed, maybe when I visit NY in Sept I'll get to go with Will. 

Lastly: The Painted Pin

Alright, last but not least is the Painted Pin. This was one of the nicest bowling alleys that I've been to and gives you all the upscale vibes. You're able to bowl 6 to a lane and the set-up is similar to a lounge with couches and moody lighting. (loveee it) The menu offers a great choice in appetizers and a some nice cocktail options. It was the perfect way to end the funday with a cool drink. 

Fun fact: I'm so into small details that I had to make Liv a cute itinerary post she could share with her friends to invite others! (Let me know if you need any made for your upcoming celebration)

I hope this blog post will give you a few new options for if you're ever visiting Atlanta. Let me know if you've checked out any of these places or comment some of your faves in Atlanta! 



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  1. There's always something fun to do in Atlanta, especially for a girl's night out. A few of my friends and I were planning on visiting the vineyard that way sometime next year.

    Glad you all had a blast!

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