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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Date Night in Box: June


Have you ever wanted to do something with Bae and he's like "uhh.. But I don't feel like going anywhere.." Well guys, I have found a solution for us and it's called Date Night In Box. Ok, I know you may be thinking "date night-in?" Where's the fun in that, right? Wrong!! This box is packed with activities and so much more. I'm so happy to be an ambassador for DNIB as they really do offer an almost priceless experience for you and your love to enjoy and connect. 

So let's see what Date Night In Box for June is all about...

Great Love: Roaring Good Time

For this month, I wasn't able to complete the box with Will being present since he's away working in New York right now. We did, however, do the parts that we could over FaceTime. (gotta love Apple) Ok so this box is literally filled with everything to do for the night. Below were the date activities for the night:

-Set the Mood
-Complimentary Dinner Menu
-Table Talk
-Murder Mystery Game
-Chocolate Moonshine CO. Fudge
-Time Capsule
-Great Love Mexican Train
-Ways to Continue Your Date Night 

I loved the booklet that they provide to help guide the night and to give insight on a particular activity we're doing. In "setting the mood" they describe this as creating the atmosphere that welcomes a good time. To help, they included a tealight candle and a wine shade. These definitely are added to elevate the ambiance. You can even access a custom Great Love playlist, that actually has a good mix of music and artists for the occasion. 

To continue with the mood setting they provide a recipe card for menu options. (Everyone knows that food is the way to our hearts!) It included two cocktail drinks, appetizer, entree and dessert recipe. 
I really enjoyed checking out the selections and felt they went perfect with the theme. Marina, owner of the company, makes these custom and has more on her blog at marinamakesblog.com

Moving into starting the night, we begin with Table Talk. This was the perfect chance for just a light-hearted discussion between each other. I think this is so important because being with someone for 8 years, conversation can get stale.(If you let it!!) Me and Will do make efforts to challenge our conversations and make sure to have silly talks and dream wild. (It's one of my fave things about our relationship) 

So heading into the fun, we played the Murder Mystery Game to the best we could lol. The game is set in the 1920s in the US and prohibition just passed forcing nightlife and other illegal activity underground. The game drew inspiration from the board game Clue and the card game Go Fish. Now we had to make do with our distance in making this work, but it was fun trying to figure the mystery out together. 

Next up was the Time Capsule! Now guys, I think this was probably my favorite part. I can be very sentimental at times and I thought this was the perfect way to remember the moment we had on this date night in and to reflect on our answers when it's time to open it up.(Love itttt) To finish up the activities there was the Mexican Train which is pretty much just a game of dominoes. I hate we couldn't do this part, but super happy we can save it for later! 

So to wrap up the date night, the last thing was the reflection. The booklet gave us a few questions to highlight the night and ways to continue the date night beyond the activities provided. I loved how they even included a few 1920s inspired movies to watch too! 

The Great Gatsby
Midnight in Paris
Water for Elephants
Bright Young Things

Well that pretty much sums up the Date Night In Box for June. Will and I really enjoyed getting to use this box in place of a night out and gave us some good laughs.  If you're interested in getting a Date Night In box for next month use this link here! (Ok, yes this is a sponsored post and yes you'd help me out by using the link, but thanksss I appreciate you and I promise my thoughts are my own and I truly did enjoy this!!!) 

Missing you, come back home!!!

Check out Date Night In Box's Instagram to stay connected with upcoming deets and inspiration. Date Night In Box does offer kid boxes and Faith based boxes. (Literally know one if left out on this one!) 


   I'll be back next month with July's box. Until next time!!!




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