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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Review: True & Co


It's review time!! I was gifted this bra and panty set from True and Co. along with another style bra to try out. I decided to do a blog post just in case anyone else was wondering about the brand and the quality of their products! 

Ok.. let's get in to the deets.

True & Co: The Brand 


So for starters, beyond the collections and their quality the brand itself has so much to offer. The brand prides on being all inclusive and here to make bras better! Featuring models of all shapes and of all races, True &Co definitely caught my attention there. I love when a brand makes an effort to include the many instead of the few!!
The company's specialty is making bras that literally make you feel naked but with support. Honestly after trying them out, I am for sure apart of their community of believers in that they make boobs happy. 

The Details

True Weekend Ribbed Crossback Bralette

I was so shocked at how soft the ribbed fabric was for this bralette. It's made with removable cups and gives just the right amount of natural support for those laid back moments. I'm also such a fan of the mesh section they've added to the back straps area, it's such a cute touch. This is also the perfect bralette for layering with your workout style! 

Ok, next up is the ↓

True Lingerie Madison Lace Plunge Bra

This bra is soooo soft, it feels like butter against the skin. It's definitely a t-shirt bra but I really appreciate how they added the lace detail in the back and the front of the bra. It's such a good finish in that if it shows it doesn't matter because it looks similar to a bralette. So we goood! It also has rose gold hardware which I LOVE! I'd rate the support a medium and the under wiring isn't bothersome at all. (I tested the bra out for about a month before writing this, so trust me this is a good one)

I did also receive a pair of matching undies as well and they are soft like butter too. I did ask for a M thinking that'd be good since it's my norm, bur I would recommending sizing down in this style. 

Hope you found this helpful! Let me know if you've tried any of their other styles or plan to. 
Sending you all the positive vibes!


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