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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The Perfect Staycation: Crowne Plaza North Augusta




Hello all! I have been itching to get away and this opportunity turned out to be the perfect little "stay-cation" for me and Will. I was able to have a really nice escape by literally just going across the river. Oh, the perks of living in a town where everything is 15 mins away. Well for starters, when I arrived their guest services were so friendly and accommodating in checking me in. Any questions I had they answered as if I was at chic-fil-a (and we all know how we feel about Chic-fil-a customer service, A1!!!) They made me feel so welcomed and by then I was ready to see what the hotel had to offer for the night.

Love this wall 

The itinerary for the night consisted of dinner reservations at the Salt + Marrow restaurant located right downstairs in the hotel. Not only was the food amazing, the chef and kitchen manager were very accommodating and genuine in their efforts to make my experience 5star. I even got them to take a break & snag a quick picture. (Thanks, guys!) The hotel also had other dining downstairs, the Parlor Bar, that was more of a lounge area both casual and elevated. The Parlor Bar has a very swanky vibe letting the aesthetics and decor set the mood. Definitely a plus on my list!

Nigel Maestro Photography 

Once dinner was over we went up to check out the room. Talk about aesthetics!!! This room is the perfect blend between work and play. Whether your stay is for work or pleasure the room is sure to accommodate both needs.  To top it all off, the bathroom did not disappoint when it came to the travel beauty products left for our use. I have sensitive skin, so the Beekman line was the perfect match.

After getting settled we ended the night with a few drinks at the rooftop bar named Jackson's Bluff. If you're looking for good vibes and a great view this is definitely a spot to check out. I can't wait for summer nights and link ups on this rooftop.

Nigel Maestro Photography

To round off your stay, there are many other accommodations such as a fitness center, swimming pool, and the lobby's Marketplace. Parking is an additional fee but is a covered area located on the side of the hotel.

Without a doubt, whether a local guest or coming from out of town, you're sure to enjoy your stay!

Photo provided by Crowne Plaza North Augusta Website

Check out a few more photos from local photographer Nigel Lawerence aka Nigel Maestro Photography.

Until next time,
If you plan a stay at the Crowne Plaza North Augusta tell them Alexis [lexunwritten] sent you!


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  1. Any place that provides service like Chick-fil-a can take all of my money! And that rooftop is amazing and is the perfect vibes for summer nights out.

    1. Yass, you feels me! I'm so looking forward to summer nights out this year.
      Happy Saturday :)

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